Liverpool's Giants

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The story of the connection between Liverpool and the Giants began in 2012 when Royal De Luxe brought the story of Liverpool's Titanic Girl to Merseyside.

Two years later the Giants were back to commemorate the 14-18 celebrations in the city and pay tribute to the legendary Liverpool Pals. That July weekend will live long in the memory as Grandma, the Little Girl Giant and Xolo their faithful dog roamed the streets of the city.

Now, emotionally, the Giants return to their spiritual home. All we know at present is that the Uncle will appear on the beach in New Brighton on Friday morning while the new giant, the Little Boy will be sleeping in St George's Hall on Thursday evening. Xolo, who has apparently been roaming the streets of the city since he was left behind in 2014 will join them.

But, as this is the last time The Giants will appear anywhere in the world, I suspecting some big surprises along the way this weekend.


Following the appearance and disappearance of a Giant sandal hanging over Canning Dock on Wednesday, a bus appeared outside Lime Street station yesterday cut in half by a giant butter knife.

The Little Boy Giant is pictured asleep (and snoring) in St George's Hall last evening while Xolo entertained the crowds queuing to get in along St George's Plateau 

This morning a car has appeared outside the bombed out church with a fork through its roof and a raft has appeared in Canning Dock. The Giant has washed up on New Brighton Beach and the Little Boy and Xolo are roaming the streets of the city.

Heading off to see them shortly.

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