About Full Slide Photography

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The name FullSlide Photography originated when I was looking for a name for my rowing photography over 10 years ago. To row "full slide" is to extend yourself to the maximum at a lower stroke rate to achieve maximum results.

I think it is a particularly neat metaphor for photography, take your time, use maximum effort to produce the best results. I am someone who always had a camera with him long before the age of the camera phone. I would like to think that I am always looking to challenge myself with my photography while recording what I see around me.

My favourite photographic genres are sport, travel and landscapes but I would like to think I will have a go at anything in an attempt to broaden my portfolio. Having successfully completed an Open University course in Digital Photography in 2017 I am now looking to submit my portfolio for my LRPS, the first of the three-stage accreditation process of the Royal Photographic Society. A selection of the images I am considering for that submission will appear in the LRPS gallery on this site.

I am my greatest critic but have grown to appreciate that feedback from those who view my photos is fundamental to improving. So please take a look and let me have your feedback using the social media channels on this site. Thank you.

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